This Is What You Need To Do When Everything Appears To Be Going Wrong In Our Life.

Who doesn't have a problem in their life ? this article started with a problem i had. Like every one else did i also search something in google

wishing that my problems will be washed away by google. Search queries refer me to some article written on various websites and this was copied from Quora which i find rib-tickling.

1. Open Google Google Knows Every Thing.

2. Write your problem in the search box.

Google search with problem
3. Read 100000 links of people having problem just like you. If you think you are the only one from economic, relationship and other various  problem then you can give a try to google you will find many people smiliar to you. Dealing with the problem like grown up is cool but before that you can make your self comfortable with the situation and feel relaxed that there are many people out there like you. Don't panic at a problem, problems are just a new scene in your journey. Making a search on internet may come up with new solution method you had never think of.

4. Feel better that you're not the only one.

But make sure you didn't quit like many of out there. More you fight more stronger you became so have a problem.

5. Get off the computer and deal with the problem like a grown up.

And if you are the other like Mr. 100% perfect a guy with no problems or 0 trouble i suggest you to create one for your own benefit so that youc an have a chance to see the other side of the life. Good Luck  with your Problem.
How to throw away your problems