15 eye poping images from Nepalese In Photography | Facebook Group

Photo lovers and photographers are increasing every day. I am one of those photo lovers, though i am just beginners at photography I love to see people's hard work and their creativity. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what the photographers intend to tell us

through the photo and lastly I figure out that was just a photo without any sort of message around. And sometimes there are beginners who just mess with the cameras and come with fine output. Some of the good and creative work in my view and according to your engagement in the Facebook group called Nepalese in Photography I have dare to collect some awesome photographs. Wish you would like it.

1. Mudmandu from Kathmandu

Uploader name : Arun Karki

2. Structure made without using a single nail.

Uploader name: Bhaskar Kunwar

3. Women of Mugu

Uploader name: Hemant Thapa

4. #‎BP_highway_sindhuli

Uploader name: Punkazz Chettri

5. Everyone is enjoying rain and you are there in the corner removing raindrops from your specs.


Uploader name: Deepain Chhetri

6. I yelled out KALE and coincidenlty his name might be Kale too. He paused for a moment in a small staircase and gave a confused look at me. He might be thinking "Oh my fish, he knows my name do i know this man"... :))


Uploader name: Bonid Rai

7. #‎Caution: Do not disturb!!!

Uploader name: Angash Khatiwada

8. ...फर्की आयो असार।

Uploader name: Sudhan Mahat

9. Wishing you happy #‎WorldMusicDay , Keep Rocking \m/
#‎travelNepal #‎beinGhumante #‎ShutterPsycho

Uploader name: Rishav The'Red Kopite

10. धूम्रपान स्वास्थको लागि हानिकारक छ। (सुर्य)

Uploader name: Ningma Yonjan

11. अामा ! फाेटाे खिचौं ?
पाेतेसँग झुण्डिएकाे नाखले सुङ्ने कुरा लुकाउन पर्याे ?
पर्दैन हुन देऊ !
"मिठाे मुस्कान "

Uploader name: Chandra Gurung

12. Lonely Day

Uploader name : sharad

13. Dirty hands are the sign of Clean Money.

Uploader name: Bhishma Timilsina

14. Level Up ... No wonder we are getting lazy and high on cholesterol

Uploader name: Suraj Yangma Rai

15. " यस्तो बुढ़ीको नी के फ़ोटो खिच्या भन्या"
लौ हजुर कस्तो राम्री हुनुहुन्छ। हजुरको नाम के नी?
"राम्री कुमारी"
कती मीठो नाम। बुढो के गर्नु हुन्छ नी?
"लभ गर्छन् मलाई"
केटा-केटी कती जना?
"12 जना"
सधै कती बेला यो मकै पसल थाप्नु हुन्छ?
"दिउस भरी बुढो सँग लभ गरेर फुर्सद पाएसी साँझ आउछु।"
कपालको मेहेन्दी नी पखाल्नु भा छैन रहेछ।
"लभ गरेर फुर्सद नै पाएन। अनि पानी नी छैन घरमा। यसो पानी परिहाल्यो भने यही पखालदिन्छु भनेर। जाउ भाई अब, पेट नै दुखिसक्यो।"
जिउन त्यति गार्हो पनि होइन, धेरै पटक हामी दिल खोलेर हाँस्नु-हँसाउन बिर्सिन्छौ। 😂😂 #‎tasbirkarma

Uploader name: Avas Karma

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