How Your Soul Gets Purified During Meditation

Meditation is a constant practise of getting inside your mind, body and soul. There's a saying that "Meditation purifies your soul and lets you freely float within yourself and find peace inside your mind". This saying here means to show the power of meditation that helps people to calm down by finding peace among their conflicting thoughts and behaviour.

Talking about what happens while meditating, at the first phase of meditation, we often find difficult to concenterate and many different thoughts and memories come along. But with a better meditating position and deep controlled breathing, we come to the second phase of meditation. At this phase, we are at the weakest phase of our meditation where small disturbance can break our meditation. In this stage, our physical body starts getting calm, we should just relax our muscles and body. With gradual roaming thoughts and slowly relaxing body, we move towards the next phase of meditation which I would like to call "A state of mindfulness".


A state of mindfulness is possibly the best experience anyone can get while meditating. Believe me or not, I have been in this state many times during my meditation sessions.

The question can arise- "What actually happens when you are in a state of mindfulness?" or "what do we feel when we are in a state of mindfulness?".

The answer is we feel absolute peace, joy and confident when we attain a state of mindfulness. The feeling we get is absolutely out of this world. By this moment we have an absolutely relaxed body, and a mind without any thoughts. By "a mind without any thoughts" I mean to say that we will attain a stage where we are thinking but we do not know that we are getting those thoughts and we feel as if we are viewing in the deepest corners of our thoughts and ourselves. By this time, we get focussed within ourselves and any other worldly things and pleasures seems to mean nothing to us. We see no things, no people or not any other creatures living around, but we feel absolute light of darkness, we feel absolute joys of sorrows, absolute peace of madness, absolute confidence of unease and absolute purity of a pure soul.


The more you be in the state of mindfulness, you will experience the peace out of your disturbing thoughts and get relieved from your physical stresses and pains. You will be relieved from your worries and tensions. If you experience the state of mindfulness, I am sure that you will not want to get out of it.

These are the meditation secrets that you are about to reveal if you are new in meditation.

Now comes the exit phase. I would not recommend you to just directly shut your eyes open and break your meditation. I consider Exiting a meditation means slowly getting out of the spiritual world as starting a meditation means to slowly entering inside the spiritual world.

While exiting your meditation, building up your mind with the thoughts of thankfulness for you experienced a heavenly feeling, for you had a peaceful mind and body and your soul got purified. With this way of exitting your meditation, you will have a confident mind and a relaxed and refreshed body. You will remain cheerful throughout your day.

You can meditate anytime when you find yourself confused and disturbed within your mind, when you cannot focus on your works, or when you are stressed out or have physical pain on your body.

So, meditation can also be your healing medicine.

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