Do You Want To Save Money!!! Follow These Perfect Ways

There is a saying "A wise person should have their money in their head but not in their heart." It means we have to utilize the money  in a proper way .

  No matter where you are on your

financial journey you have to know that is possible to uplift the financial condition. To get the success, at first you should choose the right path. Sometimes that first step may be hardest part.But you should keep patience and move towards the right path. As you all know, only earning is not the way to improve the financial condition but you should save the money.

Here are 30 perfect ways to save money which you can apply in your daily life :

1) Make your own blessings as opposed to purchasing stuff from the store.

2) Stop collecting, start selling.

3) Invite friends over instead of going out.

4) Repair clothing instead of tossing it.

5) Don’t spend more money entertaining your kids.

6) Purchase computer games that have a ton of replay esteem – and don't secure new ones until you've aced what you have.

7) Stop impulsive shopping.

8) Avoid convenience foods and fast food.

9)  Place a savings reminder on your card. 

10) Swap books, music, and DVDs on the Internet or at the library.

11) Install CFLs or LEDs wherever it makes sense.

12) Treat yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save.

13) Avoid stress-spending

14) Remove your credit card numbers from your online accounts.

15) Do holiday shopping right after the holidays.

16) Join up with a volunteer program.

17) Prepare some meals at home.

18) Switch to term life insurance.

19) Avoid the mall.

20) Rent out unused space in your home

21) Ask for help and encouragement from your inner circle.

22) Try to fix things yourself.

23) Look for a cheaper place to live.

24) Dig into your community calendar

25) Cut your own hair.

26) Do some basic home and auto maintenance on a regular schedule.

27) Pack food for road trips

28) Suggest cheap activities when meeting up with family and friends.

29) Buy a smaller house

30) Cut down on your vacation spending.