Do You Want To Make Your Hair Long ! Follow These Tips

Every girls want their hair to be long and healthy. To make hair long and healthy girls follows different techniques which may not be productive.

So, here are a list of effective techniques to keep your hair long and healthy.  

1) Nourish your body to help  it produce longer and healthier strands:

Dermatologist  recommends to take a vitamin supplement that has vitamin-B derivatives and antioxidant to improve the hair strength. You can also add the element containing biotin, which promotes hair growth. However, consult with your nutrition expert before adding  this to your nutrition plan. You should consume nutritious, protein- rich, and well balanced food so that your body gets what it needs to work efficiently and effectively including your growing hair.

2) Get proper sleep:

You should sleep seven hours daily to give your body enough time to regain the energetic power that make you refresh.This also help you to get free from stress, which can trigger hair loss.

3) Reduce or Avoid chemicals and heat based processes: 

Give your hair at least 6 months to grow without using harsh styling products, dyes, or appliances. Air dry your hair instead of drying using equipment. Or if you are in hurry, use indirect heat to dry your hair and use a heat protectant before ironing or drying to reduce the effect of direct heat.

4) Avoid washing your hair frequently:

Washing frequently  will remove the covering layer of  your strands and scalp of natural oils that moisturize your locks and stimulate growth.Wash your hair three times in a week which will also reduce the need to do heat-based procedure. Avoid using hot water.

5) Give your scalp frequent massages to stimulate frequent blood circulation to your scalp:

You can do this while washing your hair. You can massage your scalp with your fingers, from the back of your neck and to the area around your hairline.

6) Frequent trimming does not actually make  hair grow faster:

 Growth of the hair happens in the scalps so trimming actually does not work.What you should do is take good care of your hair by conditioning it regularly as well as applying extra hair care measure. Also, use leave-in conditioner so that you don't get split end, which would require trimming. The more you trim, the less likely your are to achieve your ideal long within a limited time frame.

7) Avoid tying or clipping your hair in the same place all the time:

Tying and clipping in the same place makes the hair weaken and eventually breaking. Use the hair ties or accessories such as the fabric-based ones, that are non damaging .People say that brushing your hair 100 times daily is another method  to make your hair grow longer faster but the truth is not that.You can use a wide-toothed comb when you groom your hair and never do while it is still wet.