Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and TVS RTR 200 4v

Which one to choose??
If you are thinking of having a Bike that gives out the most of your money than, there comes the name of two contenders. They are Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and TVS RTR 200 4v. And if you are having confusion to choose one among these two wolves.

Than the following mentioned specifications are some of the important parameters to define the machines true ability. Well these comparisons can help you to lead to a conclusion.
1.    Engine:
Let’s talk about the engines first. The Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS comes out with carbureted 199.5 cc, liquid cooled engine having single cylinders with 4 valves to pump out the maximum power of 23.17 bhp at 9500 rpm with the torque of 18.3 Nm at 8000 rpm. Whereas, TVS RTR 200 4v comes out with fuel injected 197.8cc, oil cooled engine having single cylinders with 4 valves pumping out maximum power of 19.8 bhp at 8500 rpm with the torque of 18.1Nm at 7000 rpm. Here, talking about the engine the NS 200 looks stronger than RTR 200 4v in paper’s as it can roar out with higher power though in absence of fuel injected system.

2.    Dimensions:
Now, let’s look at the dimensions of the contenders because dimensions and weight are the fact that determine the performance, comfort and reliability of Bike. Here, Bajaj Pulsar 200 Ns comes at kerb weight of 152kg with ground clearance of just 167mm at seat height of 805 mm. Whereas, the other wolf RTR comes out at kerb weight of just 148 kg with ground clearance of good 180mm and seat height of just 800mm. Now, looking at the dimensions and weight RTR 200 gets more attractive due to its lighter weight, higher ground clearance with lower seat height.

3.    Fuel consumption:
Talking about the fueling on these bike both comes out with equal size of fuel tank i.e. 12 liters. But, talking about the efficiency the Ns 200 claims to be slightly economic than RTR 200. As, the companies claim their mileage of around 35 kmpl in case of NS 200 and around 32 kmpl of RTR 200.

4.    Braking and Transmission:
Braking is the most important parameter for a safe Bike because as fast it can go its brake also must be that fast to stop it. About the braking of these Bikes NS 200 comes out with floating calipered petal disk whereas, RTR 200 comes out with both disc brakes with ABS as an option.  Where RTR with ABS as an option seems to be impressive than petal discs with floating calipers of ns 200. Now, talking about transmission of gears and clutches it’s pretty hard to determine as NS come with 6 speed gears which increases the performance of bike at top ends while cruising than RTR with just 5 speed gears. But, the wet multi plate clutch design seems to be more impressive than hydraulic clutch.

5.    Suspension:
Talking about the suspension of Bike it is also an important parameter to make your Bike feel more comfortable. Here, between these two wolves the NS 200 with telescopic anti-friction bush at its front and nitrox mono shock absorber with canister on rear side wins the race all alone in front of telescopic forks at front and mono shock at its rear that of RTR.  It seems like TVS has not been doing too much concerning the suspension of their Bikes.
6.    Wheels:
Now, talking about the wheels on these bikes NS has bigger front wheel base than RTR whereas, RTR has wider wheel base than NS at its rear. Which make the RTR more comfortable to lean on those corners whenever, you like with the Pirelli tyres which seems better than the Eurogrip tyres offered with the NS.
Well those were some of the parameters that could give you the pathway to lead to a choice among those two. If it would be on to me than I would go through full option RTR 200 having ABS , fuel injected system with Pirelli tyres.