The 'Shakuni' Of Nepalese Politics - Prachanda.

The name Pushpa Kamal Dahal is one of the most renowned name in recent Nepalese politics especially over a decade for now. Actually he is more famous with his entile of 'Prachanda' rather than his name.

 Prachanda was born in Pokhara, Prachanda spent much of his childhood in the Chitwan District. He received a diploma of science in agriculture (ISc-Ag) from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) in Rampur(now AFU), Chitwan, and was once employed at a rural development project sponsored by USAID: the project site was Jajarkot.Witnessing severe poverty amongst Nepalis since his youth, Prachanda was drawn to left-wing political parties. He joined the underground Communist Party of Nepal (Fourth Convention) in 1981.He became general secretary (party leader) of the Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal) in 1989. After several iterations, this party became the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). Prachanda lived in secret, even after the restoration of democracy in 1990. A little-known figure until then, he controlled the clandestine wing of the party, while Baburam Bhattarai represented the United People's Front in parliament. Prachanda's lived twenty-five years underground and has been translated into Nepali as Prachanda: Ek Agyat Bidhrohi. Since 1996, Prachanda has been internationally known as the leader of the CPN(M), presiding over its military and political wings. [Source]

We had witnessed his cleverness with the superb use of the Dr. Baburam Bhattarai in the 10 years of rebelition by the Maiost against the monarchy. One can easily analyse the suspension and again reinstating Bhattarai in the party was only the use of him while Prachanda had had a bad times.And after entering into the open political carreer Prachanda shown his ingenuinty by continuously coaligitating with the different parties to become prime-minister twice in mere of 9 years.And after the successful drafting of the constitution , CPN( maiost-center) gone through Iteration , parted with Bhattarai and now Prachand is all alone carrying his party somehow ,which is almost at the stage of demolition few months ago.

Prachanda first unexpectedly allianced with the Nepali Congress in the local election 2017, leading his daughter to the mayor of the Bharatpur Metropolitan City , was a some controversy as the some local party leaders from the Maiost Centre tore the ballot paper while counting the votes whcih resulted in the re-election in the ward, where Prachanda used his money and power to take the results in his favour.And now he had played his 'Sakuni' mind yet again to collaborate with the CPN (UML) for the federal and provincial election 2017.The CPN-Maoist Centre is still the part of the ruling coalition headed by Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Let's see how far this 'Communist Alliance ' go either to the merger into a single and the stronger (Unlikely) or the leftist yet again (More likely).The result of the election will tell how clever Prachanda is ...