List of top 12 technologically advanced countries in the year 2017

List of top twelve technologically innovated nations in the year 2017 is very unexpected. China and Russia climbed down, while European nations like Holland, Britain and other nations dominated the chart.

12. China

China was the world leader in science and technology until the early years of the Qing dynasty. China kicked off in the field with the four great inventions (paper making, printing, the compass and gunpowder) however, it lacked consistency from then to the nineteenth century as they were repeatedly defeated in war of western nations.


Finally, in the 2000's china bounced back with some great achievements in 2009 it manufactured 48.3% of the world's televisions, 49.9% of mobile phones 60.9% of personal computers and 75% of LCD monitors, Similarly the automotive industry in china is the world's producer of motor vehicles and according to a report financed by the world bank in 2011, China is the leading nation on electric vehicles.


DF-21D anti-ship ballastic missile is one of the world's most advanced military technology in china that is repeteadly contributing to a quick and major change in US naval strategy.China is also developing anti-satellite weapons and plans to make the navagational Beidon system globol by 2020.Other revolutionary technology include chinese anti ballastic missile developments ,the Chengdu J-20 fifth generation jet fighter,and possibly electromagnetic pulse weapons.Chinese reconnaissance satellites are according to a 2011 report,almost equal to those of the United states in some areas,in which China had almost  no capability a decade earlier.Despite increased defense spending China's share of the world's import of arms is rapidly falling in part reflecting the increased abilities of the indegnous  military production. China is also developing power projection military capabilities such as through the Chinese aircraft carrier program and the type of 071 amphibious dock.


China launched 5 commercial satellites for foreign costumers in 2012 and captured 15% of the commercial launch market and 10% of the satellite export market in 2015.In the year 2011 China launched a total of 19 rockets which was the second most after Russia.


The five hundreds meter spherical telescope to be completed by the end of 2017 will be the world's largest radio telescope.




11. Netherlands

Despite the modest size and population, the Dutch modern society has made numerous seminal contributions to the world's civilization in every sector and have a significant history of invention, innovation, discovery and exploration.


Holland is very successfully advanced nation in the field of communication and multimedia .Invention of Bluetooth,Wi-fi,DVD, Ambilight Blu-ray were very crucial parts in the history of its advancement in science and technology.The Dutch republic has been considered by many political and military historians as the first modern sea power.In the middle of the 17th century the dutch navy was the most powerful navy in the world.The Dutch republic had a commercial fleet that was larger than that of England, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain combined.The range till now is not less then any of this nation.