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Ever wondered the battle between the two best and strongest superheros of all time?? I guess you cannot imagine what would be the result. No matter what the result will be, there will be absolute carnage and total destruction.

Top 10 Luckiest People Of All Time

Luck is something which you cannot deny or just cannot gain it with your own will. Have you ever felt lucky or consider yourself lucky on an event in which you had the results in your favour?

Song you shouldn't miss: Adele Hello Parody

This is the songs that i strictly recommend. And even more if you have been listening to Adele songs recently this song has been so popoular that i can't stop sharing this song to you. you will love this one.

Taser shooting in slow motion

SlowMo channel one of my fav, comes with the new video of shooting Taser in the bare skin. The man is brave to hold for 5 sec of hell. We can see his muscles contradct and make him helpless.